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General Notes

  • The above spreadsheet is "live" and represents the current status of all books received this season

  • If all books aren’t displayed, you need to “refresh” or “reload” the page.

  • Books appear in the order received (first received at the top)

  • Use the scroll bar to find your book

Explanations & Expectations

Status, Numbers, and Days

  • Once you submit your book to MWSA, it goes through three basic phases:

    1. Lining up three reviewers for each book

    2. Getting books to reviewers

    3. Getting scores, comments, and review back from reviewers

  • The above phases translate into the follow statuses (which are indicated in the chart above):

    • Need Reviewer(s) -- Within a few days of receiving the details about your book, MWSA will create an individual library listing and offer each book to our volunteer reviewer force.

      • Your book's status will remain "Need Reviewer(s)" until we have ALL THREE reviewers identified

      • Look at the "Rvwrs Needed" column to see how many have currently volunteered

        • "0" means all three have signed up, "3" means no one has volunteered yet

      • Once we've got your three reviewers--which can take as long as 3-4 weeks, or a little as a few hours-- the Awards Director will email you with instructions on how to get your books to your reviewers

      • Once we send that email, the next phase or status begins...

    • Books Requested — After your three reviewers are lined up, we send you an email with instructions on how you’ll mail your books to reviewers, or email your eBooks to the Awards Directors. Once you let us know they’re on the way, your status changes to…

    • Awaiting Book(s) -- Once we ask for your review copies, the clock starts ticking to measure the number of days it takes for ALL THREE reviewers to get your book in the mail (or email, in the case of eBooks)

      • As with the first phase/status, you can see how many reviewers have NOT gotten your book (the "Books Needed" column) and the number of elapsed days waiting for all three to arrive

      • We will normally contact you if one or more of your review copies is "lost in the mail" after 14 days

      • Once all reviewers acknowledge receipt, we move to the final phase...

    • Awaiting Score(s) -- Obviously, we all have busy schedules and read at different speeds. Getting all your evaluation scores, comments, and review can take a while--sometimes, a month or more!

      • As before, you can track the status of your book, see how many reviewers have NOT submitted their evaluation (the "Scores Needed" column), and see the number of elapsed days in the current status.

      • Once all scores come in, we're either "Finished"... or almost there!

    • Finished -- Once we receive all three reviewers' scores, your review will be posted to your book's page on our website (click on your book title to get there quickly).

      • Within about a month of the review season closing (June 15th), MWSA will announce our "Award Finalists."

        • Being a "Finalist" means your book has scored high enough for an MWSA award.

        • We announce actual medals and awards won during our annual membership conference and awards banquet

      • A few times each year, the three reviewers evaluating the same book reach a "split decision." In this case, our MWSA procedures call for an "intermediate stop" between the end of "Awaiting Score(s)" and "Finished:"

    • Awaiting Conference -- All human beings have opinions... and not surprisingly, they're often quite different!

      • If there is a significant divergence in the scoring results of your three reviewers, MWSA will convene what we call a "Divergence Conference."

      • During this time, the Awards Director moderates a short conference among your three reviewers where everyone shares his/her thoughts about your book.

      • If you notice that your book is in this status, don't worry--it's not necessarily a "bad thing," as we may be trying to decide between a Gold or Silver medal!

      • A Divergence Conference ends in one of two ways:

        • Your three reviewers reach a new/revised consensus on final score results, or

        • If no one agrees to change his/her scores, the mathematical average of all three scores is used to determine the final results

        • Once complete, your status will change to "Finished" and your review posted online

    • Other (See Notes) — Don’t worry, it’s a “Sausage Factory” sort of thing.

      • This normally means that we’re scrambling… trying to get our act together before we move from one stage to another.

        • In almost every case, we’re doing things like checking a reviewer’s address and/or book format preference, looking for a lost reviewer, trying to find the right key to the control room… that sort of thing.

      • If you check back in a day or two, things will almost certainly have gotten back on track.

Special Status & Our Guarantee

  • Awaiting Backlog -- As you know, MWSA's reviewer force is made up entirely of volunteers. Sometimes, our schedules get in the way of our timely evaluation and review of your book.

    • If we start getting behind--especially when books do not have assigned volunteers for an extended period of time--the Awards Director will suspend assigning new books.

    • This only happens occasionally, and lasts as long as it takes to assign those books that have "been in the queue" too long (in every case so far, this temporary status has lasted less than a week).

    • MWSA is committed to getting all books scored and reviewed so they can be considered for award in the calendar year they're submitted.

  • What happens if MWSA can't finish my book in time? -- MWSA will make every effort to review your book in a timely manner. However, in the case we miss that goal, MWSA guarantees that the author will be afforded the opportunity to either...

    • have their book qualify for the following season, or

    • receive a full refund of their book submission fee.

Still have a question or concern?

  • Please contact the Awards Director!

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