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In 1998, Vietnam veteran author Bill McDonald built a website presence for his old Army unit in Vietnam (The 128th Assault Helicopter Company) that also honored all facets of the Vietnam War. That original website started off with just his poetry and prose that he had composed while on his “tour-of-duty” in South Vietnam. That website was named “The Vietnam Experience” www.vietnamexp.com . It began as a humble reservoir of his war memories that eventually expanded to include dozens more of his brothers in arms.

The first six months online the website traffic had increased to over 17,000 visitors a month. Eventually peaking at close to 275,000 a month after he participated in the making of the war documentary film (from Arrowhead Films) called “In The Shadow of The Blade” www.intheshadowoftheblade.com  The Vietnam Experience website eventually surpassed the 30 million total visitors in 2008. They no longer track the total...


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