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Step 1.  Book submission

Submit your book via our online request form.

  • Acceptable content & format
  • Must be an MWSA member in good standing
  • Cost: $40
    • Initial submission fee pays for...
      • Basic awards package for Finalists/Award Winners (see "Awards Package Contents & Procedures" section below for details)
      • Press Release(s)
      • Associated costs for awards banquet and reviewer recognition
  • Make sure you check/edit your submission
    • Provide a working link to a website where visitors can purchase your book
    • We normally use this link to find your book's cover, which we'll use for our website listing
    • Your choice of review genre will determine which scoring criteria our reviewers will use to evaluate your book
  • Your book information is forwarded to our Review/Awards committee
  • Annual submission window: 15 January to 15 June
    • Submitting your book during the above time period ensures that it will be read, scored, reviewed and considered for that year's awards season if at all possible.
    • Note: Depending on reviewer workload, we may not be able to complete a review for books submitted in the last part of the season.  If this happens, authors will have a choice of having their $40 fee returned or keeping their books in the running for the next year's awards season. 

Step 2. evaluation & review

  • As reviewers become available, they volunteer to read and evaluate your book
  • We try to accept the books in the order received; but this isn't always possible
  • Depending on work load, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to identify your reviewers
  • Once we've lined up your three reviewers, the Awards Director will email you with information on how to get copies of your book to each reviewer
  • Each reviewer reads and scores your book
    • Please bear with us... this step also takes a while to complete
      • Many reviewers will read well over a dozen books in a season
      • It may take several weeks (or longer) to identify your three reviewers and then a similar period of time to complete the evaluation process.
    • Although scores and certain internal, "eyes-only" reviewer comments will not be released to authors, many reviewers submit comments that the author might find useful.
      • These comments can be released to authors upon request
      • Note:  these comments will not be edited for "tact or diplomacy" before being shared with the author.  In other words, be prepared for direct and unedited reviewer critiques, comments and observations! 

STEP 3.  review and awards

  • Our No. 1 reviewer will write a review of your book
  • Within a few weeks after all reviewers have finished reading and scoring your book, your book and its review will be added to the review pages on this website
    • Review Notes:  
      • Our website is going through some major changes.  It may take some time before your book will appear on our site.
      • In order to maintain the credibility and consistency of our Review and Awards system, books that score below a specific threshold will be handled with a special procedure starting in our 2018 season
        • After a thorough reviewer conference, the MWSA Awards Director will contact the author and go over the specific problem areas noted in their work
        • The MWSA review will have to mention some of these problems found
        • Authors will be able to see the review draft and decide whether they'd like to have us publish it on our website or not.
      • MWSA's main goal will always be to help our member authors.  We prefer not to post any review detrimental to an author's book marketing efforts.
      • No matter how well--or how poorly--a book scores, all authors will retain the right to have their book and/or MWSA review removed from our website.
      • MWSA will not "negotiate" with authors with respect to the content of our review.
      • MWSA will not normally refund a submission fee in the case where the author decides that our review should not posted on our website.
  • About two months after the submission window closes, MWSA Award Finalists will be announced
    • This announcement should occur by the end of August each year
    • Being an Award Finalist means your book has scored high enough for an award
    • Even if your book's score doesn't qualify for an award, its review can appear on our website
  • Specific individual award winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be announced at our MWSA Awards Conference
  • Awards Package Contents & Procedures
    • All Finalists/Medal winners will receive an awards package containing:
      • One medal and ribbon
      • 100 book stickers
      • Award Certificate
      • Notification letter
    • The above awards package is presented to the author during our awards ceremony/banquet
      • The cost is included in the original book submission fee.
    • If the author cannot attend the ceremony, MWSA will mail the package to anywhere in the continental US.  
    • If the award-winning book has more than one author, extra medals, stickers (and postage, if necessary) can also be purchased in our online store.
      • These extra medals and/or stickers should be purchased after the announcement of Awards Finalists and before the awards ceremony if the extra medals are to be presented at the awards ceremony.

More Awards/Review Details... "the fine print"

All authors should read this page before submitting their book!


eBook Reviews

Restrictions & Limitations

  • Your e-book must be published and have a ISBN (or ASIN) number
  • PDF or word processor files will not be accepted by any MWSA reviewer
  • Not all of our reviewers can accept e-books
  • Authors may not send e-books directly to MWSA reviewers
  • Procedures below apply to those authors with...
    • paper AND e-book versions of their work, or
    • only e-book version(s) of their work.
  • Please do not send unsolicited books—instead, use our online form

How to send us an e-book for review

  • Send "gift" copy/copies of your book via Gift Claim Code from Amazon to MWSA Awards Directors' email
    • The following page will provide you with detailed instructions:
    • Pay particular attention to the Tip in section 3 and make sure you chose the option where you'll get a "Gift Claim Code."  
      • DO NOT select the option where you provide the email of the person getting the "gift."
    • MWSA will forward the resulting gift claim codes (that you email to us) to our reviewer(s)
  • If you're sending a combination of paper and e-book versions of your book (because one or more of your reviewers accepts/prefers e-books), you'll only need to send one gift per reviewer accepting e-book format.
    • The other reviewer(s) will need a paper copy mailed to them at the address provided.
  • You do not need to send more than one format (i.e. softcover and Kindle).

If the above option is not possible, the Awards Directors will work with authors to try to come up with an acceptable solution to get your e-book to our reviewers.  

  • After discussing the details together, MWSA may be able to accept...
    • a digital file (.mobi, epub, etc.)
    • an electronic bookstore coupon (Amazon, Apple/iTunes, etc.) of sufficient value to cover MWSA's purchase of e-books for reviewers 



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