Member Poll—2020 Conference

It’s time to start planning on a location for our 2020 general membership conference. We’d like to hear from as many members as possible before we settle on a location.

If your browser doesn’t show the poll in the space below, click on the blue button to visit our members-only website (user name and password required).

Thank you!

If you filled out an earlier version of this poll (before July 1) we apologize and ask for another submission. Click here for details.

Initial Poll Problems

As Maxwell Smart used to say, “Sorry about that, Chief!”

Near the end of June, we tried to use a new polling system linked to our membership software. Unfortunately, the software had two major flaws that we didn’t identify until after putting the poll online and getting seven responses:

  • Some members could not log in and complete the poll

  • The poll didn’t allow us to collect names.

    • This was the worst of the two problems because we had several members offer to help out, but we had no way of knowing who your were! :-O

So, if you submitted your poll input before July 1, please use the above form to let us know your preference just one more time.

In about a week of polling (before shutting down the poll), we had the following results:

  • New London, CT: 2 votes

  • Nashville, TN: 2 votes

  • 1 vote each for Pennsylvania, Lake Tahoe, and Branson, MO

  • We had three members offer to help out—either before or during the conference—but as mentioned above, we can’t tell who volunteered!

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